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flight simulatorbuild up useless infrequent flyer points

fly the plane around the screen and score infrequent flyer points. they’re technically worthless, but if we see a seriously impressive total we may well send you a little something.


  1. grab the plane.
  2. move it around continuously for as long as you can.
  3. if you stop moving the plane (to sip tea maybe) your score will go down.
  4. submit your score.
Great Flying!
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choose your ownmembership level

unlike frequent flyer schemes that start you off at bronze and make you work hard to climb the ranks, we let you choose whatever level you want. from 70’s brown all the way to triple emerald sapphire ivory… it’s your call.

sign up now and print off your not-very-exclusive membership card today. 

18 levels to choose from.  see them all here.

print yourpersonalised baggage tags

these aren’t all that sturdy, but if you laminate them they’ll do the job for sure.

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